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Hand Hygiene - New Guidelines

Hospitals are being urged to try and do more to promote better hand hygiene in patients and nursing staff in a new urge of national guidence to try and control and prevent infection.  These guidelines include a five-point method on hand decontamination, this is based on the World Health Organizations Five Moments for Hand Hygiene. New guidence states that hand hygiene campaigns that include social marketing or elements of staff engagement e.g posters or videos with eye-catching images and hard hitting slogans are most effective.July 2015 Budget: It's Impact on Nursing.

Nurses working within the NHS are going to continue to see their pay restrained, annual salary rises are being restricted to just 1% over the next 4 years. George Osbourne said ''We will continue recent public sector pay awards with a rise of 1% per year for the next four years''.  He then went on to say that the NHS is the governments priority and that it would have to make very challenging efficiency savings over the coming years. He believes that restricting pay rises to 1% a year will save the government about £5bn by 2019-20.